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CME Gateway Documentation

Support for Bursa Malaysia Products


CME Gateway Version 7.14.0 and higher supports trading of Bursa Malaysia Derivatives (BMD) products using the CME Globex electronic trading platform.


Gateway connectivity to Bursa Malaysia is done via Globex using your existing circuits. No additional lines are needed, and no changes are needed to your market data platform or iLink Gateway connectivity. However, traders need separate iLink sessions for trading BMD products.

Membership and Clearing

You must establish all appropriate agreements and accounts with a Bursa Malaysia Clearing Firm to be authorized to trade BMD products.


Bursa Malaysia requires traders to have a separate iLink session to be used exclusively for trading BMD products.

Any trades of BMD products via the Globex platform are cleared by the Bursa Malaysia clearing firm, and are matched by the Bursa Malaysia matching engine.

Available Products

The CME Gateway supports trading BMD Futures, Options, and Spreads.

For a complete list of BMD products and their product codes, refer to:


CME Gateway Configuration

Market Data

Trading is supported on the CME Gateway by enabling the price feed channels for Bursa Malaysia subjects in the [price_session] section of the hostinfo.cfg file. To enable a channel, remove the # character to “uncomment” the corresponding FIX/FAST subject parameter.


Ensure that the CME Gateway where the BMD channels will be enabled is currently subscribed to less than 14 Price Feed channels. Once the Bursa Malaysia Futures and Options channels have been enabled, the total number of Price Feed channels cannot exceed 14 on the gateway.

The FIX/FAST subject parameters for Bursa Malaysia are included in a clean install of the hostinfo.cfg file. However, after an upgrade, you will have to manually update the hostinfo.cfg file with the Bursa Malaysia parameters from the master file. For more information about updating a hostinfo.cfg file from the master file, refer to Master Files .

The channel definitions for BMD products are provided by CME Group and included in the fast.cfg file installed on the CME Gateway. TT has also provided the fast.cfg file for trading BMD products as an attachment to CA140-10. BMD Futures are provided on MDP channel 22; BMD Options are on channel 23. For more information regarding how the CME Gateway uses the fast.cfg file, refer to Example: fast.cfg.

On the CME Gateway with BMD products enabled, you must configure new, dedicated iLink order sessions to be used exclusively for trading these products. To configure an iLink order session, refer to Section: [order_session].


If you choose to configure these iLink sessions on an existing CME Gateway, traders will see both BMD and non-BMD products and contracts, but will not be able to trade both via that gateway. http://devnet.tradingtechnologies.comTraders will only be able to trade through the iLink session that has been mapped to their Username.

X_TRADER® Impact

X_TRADER® 7.4.9 or higher is required for trading BMD products.

All BMD products traded using the Globex platform appear as 4-character product codes in the TT system. For example, BMD Futures appear as “FKLI” in X_TRADER®, while BMD Options appear as “OKLI”. All Futures product codes begin with “F” and all options begin with “O”. This also applies to BMD spreads and strategies (e.g., all BMD options strategies list under “OKLI” in X_TRADER®).

Risk Impact

In order to view P&L in the native currency for all BMD products (except the USD Crude Palm Oil Futures), as well as ensure proper risk calculation when applying credit, you must add Malaysian Ringgit (currency code: MYR) to your Guardian currency table. For procedures to update the currency table, refer to the Guardian 7.x Online Help.

FIX Adapter Impact

Customers wishing to connect TT FIX Adapters to TT CME Gateways configured with BMD iLink sessions are strongly advised to contact TT Developer Technical Support (DTS) at http://devnet.tradingtechnologies.com . http://devnet.tradingtechnologies.com

BMD Supported Order Types

The CME Gateway supports the following order types for BMD Futures, Spreads, and Options products:

  • Limit
  • Stop-Limit
  • Market-Limit
  • FAK

Supported Exchange Functionality for BMD Products

BMD products are eligible for the following exchange features supported by the gateway:

  • Cancel on Disconnect (COD)
  • User Defined Strategies (UDS)
  • Spreads (prelisted multi-leg strategies)
  • Implied Trading
  • Mass Quotes
  • Request for Quote (RFQ)
  • Good Till Cancel (GTC) orders
  • Good Til Date (GTDate) orders

Unsupported Exchange Functionality for BMD Products

BMD products are not eligible for the following exchange features:

  • Request for Cross (RFC)
  • Privately Negotiated Trades (PNT)