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CME Gateway Documentation

Support for CME Europe Products


CME Gateway 7.16.12 and higher supports trading of CME Europe derivatives products using the CME Globex electronic trading platform. CME Europe is a London-based Recognised Investment Exchange (RIE). Non-U.S. customers will be eligible to trade on CME Europe.


You can access CME Europe products on existing CME Gateway 7.16.12 without an additional gateway, hosting fees in TTNET, or an additional market license for X_TRADER. However, traders need separate iLink sessions enabled for trading CME Europe products.


CME Group will not allow trading of CME Europe products and the rest of the CME Group products through the same iLink session.

Membership and Clearing

The Exchange provides details regarding access to CME Europe for non-U.S. investors on the CME website.

Available Products

TT clients will be able to trade all contracts listed on CME Europe through X_TRADER® and related products. In addition, they will have the option to use TT’s Autospreader® spread trading tool to execute arbitrage strategies using the products listed on CME Europe along with FX products listed on other exchanges such as CME, Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), BM&FOVESPA, IntercontinentalExchange (ICE) and NYSE Liffe.

For a complete list of available CME Europe products, refer to the CME website.

CME Gateway Configuration

Market Data

Trading is supported on the CME Gateway by enabling the price feed channels for CME Europe subjects in the [price_session] section of the hostinfo.cfg file. To enable a channel, remove the # character to “uncomment” the corresponding FIX/FAST subject parameter (FASTSubject70=CME_EUROPE). Also uncomment and set ignoregroupcode=none in the [price_session] section.


Ensure that the CME Gateway where the CME Europe channels will be enabled is currently subscribed to less than 14 Price Feed channels. Once the CME Europe channels have been enabled, the total number of Price Feed channels cannot exceed 14 on the gateway.

The FIX/FAST subject parameters for CME Europe are included in a clean install of the hostinfo.cfg file. However, after an upgrade, you will have to manually update the hostinfo.cfg file with the CME Europe parameters from the master file. For more information about updating a hostinfo.cfg file from the master file, refer to Master Files .

The channel definitions for CME Europe products are included in the fast.cfg file installed on the CME Gateway. TT has also provided the fast.cfg file for trading BMD products as an attachment to Advisory NI058-13. For more information regarding how the CME Gateway uses the fast.cfg file, refer to Example: fast.cfg.

On the CME Gateway with CME Europe products enabled, you need to do the following:

  • Request and configure a new Executing Firm ID (Member=) to trade on CME Europe. Only CME Europe customers can trade CME Europe products.
  • Request and configure new, dedicated iLink order sessions to be used exclusively for trading CME Europe products. To configure an iLink order session, refer to Section: [order_session].

If you choose to configure these iLink sessions on an existing CME Gateway, traders will see both CME Europe and CME products and contracts, but will not be able to trade both via that gateway. http://devnet.tradingtechnologies.comTraders will only be able to trade through the iLink session that has been mapped to their Username. With X_TRADER 7.17, traders can route through multiple iLink sessions from a single X_TRADER.

CME Europe Supported Order Types

The CME Gateway supports the same order types for CME Europe products as it does for CME. Refer to Order Types.

Supported Exchange Functionality for CME Europe Products

CME Europe products are eligible for the same CME exchange features. Refer to .

Unsupported Exchange Functionality for CME Europe Products

CME Europe products are not eligible for the Request for Cross (RFC) feature.