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CME Gateway Documentation

Supported Order Types


This section lists order types supported by the CME Gateway. For a list of order types supported by X_TRADER®, refer to the X_TRADER® User Manual.


Market and Limit GTC and GTDate order types are not available for trading BM&F BOVESPA products.

Order Types

The following table lists the various order types that a user can submit through the CME Gateway.

Supported Order Types
SupportOrder Types

Native (Exchange supports)

Market and Limit GTC

Market and Limit FOK

Market and Limit FAK (IOC)

Market and Limit GTDate

Market and Limit GTD

Stop Limit (Futures and Spreads only)

Stop Market (Futures and Spreads only)

Iceberg (Disclosed Quantity)

  • CME Group assigns a Limit price to all Stop Market orders. The Exchange refers to these as Stop Orders with Protection. All Stop orders are restricted to Futures only by the Exchange.
  • For partially filled Market orders, the exchange assigns a Protection Price Limit to the remaining quantity. The exchange calculates the Protection Price Limit by adding/subtracting the protection points to the best available bid or offer price. The exchange refers to these as Market Orders with Protection.
  • Market and Limit GTC and GTDate order types are not available for trading BM&FBOVESPA products.
  • FAK is submitted as IOC in TT trading applications.

Trade Order Number

The CME Group provides a 32-character, alphanumeric field for use during order submission. Of these 32 characters, CME Group drops the leftmost characters and returns only the Trade Order Number (TON), which consists of the last five characters.

The CME Gateway uses an algorithm to generate a TT Order Number of the appropriate length (eight or six characters) from the timestamp from the CME Gateway. The CME Gateway increments this number by one for each new order.

Whenever the TT Gateway receives order and fill information from the CME Group with an attached TON, the Order Router uses an algorithm to remap the TON (what CME Group gives us) to the original TT Order Number.