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CME Gateway Documentation

Upgrade Considerations

Configuration Changes

To enable direct access to Market Segment Gateways for all products in Phase 2 after an upgrade, you will have to make the following configuration changes:

  • Open the CME-MSGWs.cfg file in a text editor and uncomment the IP addresses and Market Segment IDs for the products that you want to trade. To "uncomment" the parameters, remove the # character in front of each section, PrimaryIP, and MarketSegmentId. Also,  comment-out the Phase 1 Market Segment Gateway channel for TAS products.
  • Open hostinfo.cfg file in a text editor and configure a Market Segment Gateway session as part of an existing iLink session using your iLink exchange credentials for Phase 2. Also, comment-out or remove the Market Segment Gateway (MSGW) session ID, password, and port for Phase 1. The MSGW session ID, password, and port for Phase 2 provides order routing via the uncommented (enabled) Market Segment IDs.
Refer to "Configuring Market Segment Gateway Sessions," for more details about configuring CME-MSGWs.cfg and hostinfo.cfg to support MSGW sessions.