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CME Gateway Documentation

Routing to the Exchange

Network Configuration

CME Gateways provides access to exchange products on the CME Globex® platform by connecting to the following CME Globex interfaces:

  • CME iLink®: The Order Server connects via FIX protocol to the CME Globex order routing interface.
  • CME Market Data Platform (MDP): The Price Server subscribes to and receives prices from the MDP which is a dual-feed multicast market data dissemination system.

Hardware and Software Requirements-TT

TT recommends all Gateway software be installed on server class machines. For server class machine specifications, refer to the TT Trading Systems – Hardware and Software Requirements document located on the TT Customer Portal.

Hardware and Software Requirements-Exchange

CME Gateways communicate with the exchange via a number of different options that can be either customer or exchange managed. Different hardware and circuits will be utilized and provided, depending on which solution is chosen.

For specific details, please refer to the following CME Group website at:

http://www.cmegroup.com/globex/trading-cme-group-products/network-access-options.html http://www.cmegroup.com/globex/trading-cme-group-products/network-access-options.html.