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Configuring Server Component Behavior Documentation

Fill Server: Troubleshooting


The following lists common scenarios and solutions for Fill Server issues:

Error Messages

Q:What is the meaning of the following message in the Fill Server log: Unable to add real time fill to PositionBook?

A: First, check the Auto-Calculate-SOD parameter using the Aconfig Utility. If set to False, then ignore these messages. If set to True, this message indicates the Fill Server received a fill with an incorrect session.

Q: What does the Direct index of cache failed. Some bof files have been deleted message mean?

A: This message occurs in the Fill Server logfile whenever gaps exist in the fill sequence number. Deleting the .bof file can cause a gap in the sequence numbers. This does not affect normal Fill Server functions, however, it may take longer to complete a fill record search.

Q: What does the Expecting seq no. 220, rejecting Fill seq no. 0 message mean?

A: This usually occurs when either the *_fills.tbl or *_bof.tbl file is deleted but the other file remains. To quickly fix this issue, delete all the existing *_bof*, *_fill*, and *_position* files and restart the Fill Server. If a fill source is running on a different server, you must also delete the *_fills.tbl file for that fill source on the server and restart the Fill Servers and all fill sources.

Missing Start of Day information in Fill Window

Q: I don’t see SOD data populating in the Fill Window. What could be the cause?

A: Use the Aconfig Utility to check that the Auto-Calculate-SOD=True.

If Auto-Calculate-SOD parameter equals True, check the Fill Server and client log files to see if SODs have been received:

  • If the message does not exist in the fill source log, please contact TT Support.
  • If the message exist in the fill source log but not in the client log, please check your network for any connectivity issues.
  • If the message exist in the fill source log and in the client log, please contact TT Support.

Example SOD Correction

The Fill Server log file contains the following message after receiving an SOD correction:

Received SOD: Position M:TTORDFG G:005 T:001 acct: prod:IPE e-Gas Oil type:FUTURE seriesKey:121004 long:0 short:1 net:-1 session:1214780400 position_type:Correction

Use the X_TRADER® logfile to verify that the client received the SOD correction:

01.07.2008 09:30:19.302 | X_TRADER App/SIM | 4312 | INFO | 00000000 | Received SOD for download request 1393: series = 121004 netpos=0 for ICE_IPE

Missing Fill information in Fill Window

Q: I’ve restarted X_TRADER® but I don’t see Fill data. What could be the cause?

A: Usually this is because the session in the fills does not equal the Fill Server’s current session. The current session can be found in the logs. At startup, Fill Server logs the current session.

Contact TT Support to convert the *_bof* file to a text file and compare the session in the file with the current session from the Fill Server logfile.