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Configuring Server Component Behavior Documentation


Chapter Overview

In Version 7.X, you use aconfig_local.xml located in <root drive>:ttconfig to configure the following server component behaviors:

  • Logging
  • For the Order Server:
    • Failover
    • General behavior flags (whether the Order Server supports multiple memberships and sequential fills)
    • Whether and how the Order Server mirrors its *fills.tbl file
  • For the Price Server:
    • Price session settings
    • Historical Price Server (HPS) settings
    • Broadcast intervals and packet sizing
    • Total Traded Quantity at Price (TTQAP) settings (TT also refers to this as Volume at Price, or VAP)
    • Settings for use in the Market Price Feed (2) architecture (for details on this architecture, refer to the MPF2 Feature Guide)
    • Settings and information related to the PFX Architecture
  • For the Fill Server:
    • How it responds to requests for historical fills
    • How the Fill Server manages its fill records
    • SOD behavior
    • Time settings
  • For the Key Server: the high and low-end key values for the key range
  • Gateway Attribute List (GAL) Settings (such as whether to accumulate Last Traded Quantity)
  • Performance counters

    Since you can access performance counters only through Super Guardian, these parameters are not included here. Instead, refer to the Super Guardian SAM Version 1.7.

Accessing Server Configurations

You use the AConfig Utility to edit aconfig_local.xml.