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Configuring Server Component Behavior Documentation

Market Data Users


Currently, TTNET customers obtain order connectivity to various exchanges. In this capacity, neither TT nor TTNET, operates as a Market Data Vendor capable of reporting users or receiving invoices for user data fees. This document seeks to explain the roles and responsibilities of various parties when users access and/or view exchange-provided data via TT software.


This section provides a general overview for all market data users. For CME-specific requirements, refer to the CME Market Data page in the CME Help.


FCMs that have a Facilities Management Agreement (FMA)/billing relationship with TTNET must ensure the following items for any consumer of market data delivered by Trading Technologies:

  • Exchange Agreements: FCMs must work with each exchange to complete all required data agreements are in place prior to receiving data from TTNET.
  • Reports: FCMs must report all market data users to the exchange as required. Note: Reporting requirements vary by exchange. The FCM must ensure their reporting functionality adheres to the exchange’s requirements.
  • Entitlements: FCMs must manage and control all user entitlements regarding access to various types of market data.
  • Fees: The FCM assesses the fee structure for all end-users. In addition, the FCM will be invoiced for must cover exchange fees.
  • User Types: The FCM must work with the exchange to determine the user type and required fees for each market data user.


TT User Setup includes enhanced reporting functionality that aid in user reporting For example, CME users can access the CME Product Group Permissions report directly from the Reports menu in TT User Setup. Users also can generate an ICE Product Groups report after correctly populating values in TT User Setup.

For more information on general reporting functionality including the CME Product Group Permissions report, refer to Displaying and Exporting Reports.

For more information on the ICE Product Groups report, refer to Generating an ICE Product Groups report.