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Creating Custom Pricing Models Documentation

Activating Custom Pricing Models

In order to use a Custom Pricing Model in X_TRADER, you must place a copy of the model (usually a dll or tbl file) in the <drive>:tt/datfiles/PriceModels folder. You must also register the model with Windows.

To register the Custom Pricing Model with Windows…

  1. Run the following commands.

    If written in...



    regasm.exe <dll filename> /tbl: <dll filename>.tbl/codebase

    Note: regasm is located in the c:WindowsMicrosoft.NETFramework<.NET version number> folder. Use the most current version number prior to .NET Framework 3.0.

    COM (dll file)

    regsvr32 <dll filename>

    Note: The dll file is located in the <drive>:ttdatfilesPriceModels folder.

    COM (tbl file)

    regtlib <tbl filename>

    Note: regtlib is located in the Windows folder. This file is usually installed on any computer that has Internet Explorer version 6.0 and above.

  2. If X_TRADER is open, close it and restart to apply the settings.