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Creating Custom Pricing Models Documentation

Using Custom Pricing Models

Custom Pricing Models may run with MD Trader and Autospreader.

To select your Custom Pricing Model in MD Trader…

  1. Right-click MD Trader to display MD Properties.
  2. Select the Advanced page.
  3. Select Enable User-Defined Price Column.
  4. Select Display.
  5. Select your Custom Pricing Model (e.g., My Custom Pricing Model) from the list.
  6. Click the OK button.

Note: You may also select a Custom Pricing Model from the X_TRADER Control Panel via the Settings | Properties | MD Advanced tab.

To run your Custom Pricing Model with Autospreader…

  1. Click (the Autospreader icon) on the X_TRADER Control Panel to display the Autospreader Manager window
  2. Click the New button to display the Autospreader Configuration window
  3. Select Yield in the Based On drop-down list. This displays the Yield section in the grid.
  4. Click the Yield Type field and select your Custom Pricing Model (e.g., My Custom Pricing Model).
  5. Continue creating or editing the rest of your spread configuration parameters.
  6. Click the OK button when you have defined your spread parameters.

In Autospreader, you may select your Custom Pricing Model (e.g., My Custom pricing Model), by selecting it in the Yield Type drop-down list.