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Disaster Recovery Documentation

Recovery and Troubleshooting

Chapter Topics

This chapter discusses total software and/or hardware failure of the TT Gateway as well as the available options for disaster recovery, including TT’s Price Server hot failover setup. All information included here is general and pertains to all TT Gateways. Because TT Gateways can behave in unique ways, for further information also refer to the disaster recovery chapter in the SAM of the TT Gateway that you use.

Points of Failure

Due to the nature of trading systems' architecture, several points for system failure exist, including but not limited to:

  • The TT client application (such as X_TRADER®)
  • The TT Gateway
  • Any third-party machines provided by the exchange (e.g., MISS Devices or LIFFE Exchange Gateways)
  • Telco circuits between networks (e.g., between the customer and the exchange)
  • The exchange host itself (the mainframe)

TT Gateways

Regarding the TT Gateway, TTChron monitors and restarts all TT Gateway processes listed in ttchron.ini when they fail. However, if TTChron cannot restart a gateway or its processes, disaster recovery options support continued trading while the failed device is offline.

Third-Party Devices

The effects of third-party device or exchange failure are not discussed here. For these details and scenarios, refer to the disaster recovery chapter in the SAM specific to the exchange to which you connect.