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eSpeed Gateway Documentation

Exchange Heartbeats and Disconnects


To verify connectivity between the gateway and the exchange, eSpeed continually sends and receives heartbeats for each FIX orders session. If the exchange detects a series of subsequent missed hearbeats, it considers the order session as disconnected.

When an order session disconnects from the exchange, eSpeed deletes any working orders for that session.


The exchange considers each sent message as a heartbeat. Periods of inactivity trigger the creation of an additional, individual heartbeat. In addition, the exchange begins a timer to measure the period of inactivity. The timer resets once the exchange receives a new message from the gateway. However, if the timer expires, the exchange begins the disconnection process.

Once the disconnect process begins, all orders are deleted at the exchange. The eSpeed Gateway places the orders into the Held state. Once the gateway reconnects to the exchange, the user may resubmit the orders as new orders at the exchange.