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eSpeed Gateway Documentation

Trader and Firm Identification

TT Direct Trader IDs

When entering usernames (i.e., trader logins) into TT User Setup, you must use the format: MemberGroupTraderID, where:

  • Member: a five-digit variable defined by the user
  • Group: a three-digit variable defined by the user.
  • TraderID: a three-digit variable defined by the user.

TTORD Trader IDs

The following lists how eSpeed Gateways use TTORD trader IDs.

  • eSpeed Gateways support TTORDs.
  • You can map multiple TTORDs to one direct exchange trader.

TTORD trader’s Member ID must begin with TTORD and equal a maximum of seven (7) characters (e.g., TTORD12).

TTORD traders can use any Group and Trader ID that they want as long as they are correctly mapped to the direct trader in TT User Setup. TT recommends TTORD traders use a three (3) character Trader ID for manageability purposes.

FFT2 and FFT3 Fields

Traders can use the FFT2 and FFT3 fields for account management however, the eSpeed Gateway does not require these fields. The contents of FFT2 and FFT3 are not forwarded to the exchange.

Exchange API Field Mapping

The following table shows how certain X_TRADER fields map to the exchange fields when using the eSpeed Gateway.

API Mapping




SenderCompID as configured in the hostinfo.cfg file.


Operator ID in TT User Setup


Operator ID in TT User Setup


Password in hostinfo.cfg for FIX session login and TTUS password for user logins


TargetCompID as configured in the hostinfo.cfg

Note: Users should set TargetCompID=XBGC


Clearing Account Number


All changes or cancels must originate from the same tag 49 and tag 50 combination as that of the original order