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eSpeed Gateway Documentation


Before you Install

This chapter describes in detail how to install and set up the software files specific to an eSpeed Gateway. Once you have completed the procedures and tasks in this chapter, continue the installation as documented in TT Gateway Architecture System Administration Manual.


Before you perform any of the tasks of the TT Gateway installation, you must log into the gateway server machine with Administrator rights.

You must be logged into the gateway server with Administrator rights when performing any of the eSpeed Gateway installation tasks.

If you previously installed TT software onto your machine, the Gateway software automatically installs to the same location.

Also, depending upon the environment of the machine on which you install the TT Gateway, you may receive several informative or question prompt boxes. If a task discusses such a prompt box, and you do not receive the prompt box, skip to the next step.

During an installation, the eSpeed Gateway installs the following software packages, which can be uninstalled using the Add or Remove Programs dialog box:

  • eSpeed Gateway Components (includes standard TT Gateway files and utilities)
  • TT Chron
  • TT Messaging (TTM Only)
  • Guardian

Installation Methods

eSpeed Gateways support two types of installation procedures:

  • GUI Interface Installation: Provides dialog boxes that guide the user through the installation process. Recommended when installing the eSpeed Gateway on a small number of servers.
  • Command Line Installation: Provides command line entries to automate the installation process. Recommended when performing multiple unattended installations on a large number of servers.

You can combine both types of installations.

Depending on the implementation, the command line installation can suppress some or all of the dialog boxes that appear during the GUI install. You can use the command line to automate similar install choices, then run the GUI install to customize unique options.


Regardless of the installation method, when adding a new TT Gateway flavor to your trading environment, you must restart TT User Setup before the new flavor will appear.