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Eurex Gateway Documentation

Support for Eurex Self Match Prevention


Eurex Gateway 7.18.5 and higher supports Eurex Self Match Prevention (SMP) functionality. SMP is optional and allows a business unit to prevent the matching of orders with common ownership if both the buy and sell orders contain the same Self Match Prevention Identifier or "Cross ID" and business unit ID. The Cross ID is user-defined and configured for each selected user on a per firm basis using TT User Setup 7.17.20 or higher.

Configuring a Cross ID

For users connecting to Eurex Gateway 7.18.5 or higher, the cross ID is configured in the Exchange 5 field on the Edit Gateway Login Attributes window or New/Edit User Gateway Logins window in TT User Setup on a per user basis.   To enable SMP for the user, enter the user's numeric Cross ID in this field. Numeric values up to 4294967295 (4 bytes) are supported. To disable SMP for a user, remove the Cross ID from Exchange 5 and leave the field blank.

Gateway Behavior

The Eurex Gateway forwards whatever Cross ID has been sent to the gateway on the order.  At the exchange, orders from users under the same membership with the same Cross ID and business unit ID may be rejected by exchange, or the exchange may modify the order. Refer to "Self Match Prevention" in the Eurex Functional Reference manual for a description of how Self Match Prevention works at Eurex.