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Fenics Gateway Documentation

Configuring the Trading Environment


After installing the TT Gateway, you must perform the following procedures:

  • Stop all TT-related services.
  • Configure Exchange-Flavorhostinfo.cfg (referred to throughout simply as the hostinfo.cfg file) and edit the ttchron.ini file.
  • The Fenics Gateway uses pMerge to populate product and tick tables.
  • Configure time zone settings in aconfig_local.xml. Do not modify any other aconfig default settings without first contacting your local TAM.

Before configuring the TT Gateway, you must stop all TT-related services.

To stop Services:

  1. From the Start menu, point to Settings, and click Control Panel.

    The Control Panel opens.

  2. Double-click Administrative Tools.

    The Administrative Tools window displays.

  3. Double-click Services.

    The Services window displays.

  4. Scroll through the Services box to locate TT Chron.
  5. Right-click TT Chron, and then click Stop.
  6. If there are any other TT Services running, you must stop them as well. One at a time, right-click the TT service, and then click Stop.
  7. After you have stopped all TT services, close the Services and Administrative Tools windows.


Located in <root drive>:ttconfig, all services in the ttchron.ini file must be set with the correct startup and shutdown times. For information and restrictions on configuring ttchron.ini, refer to the TT Gateway Architecture SAM Version 7.X.


On the Fenics Gateway, Order Routers are threads managed by the Order Server. The ttchron.ini file does not have an Order Router section.


The following warnings apply to the Fenics Gateway startup and the use of ttchron.ini on the Fenics Gateway:

  • Leave TTChron running after installing and configuring the Fenics Gateway.

To edit the ttchron.ini file:

  1. Verify the Price Server start time.

    This setting ensures that the Fenics Gateway captures the correct product listings. If the Price Server starts after the exchange starts broadcasting products, the Fenics Gateway can have incorrect products listings.

  2. Verify the daily Order Server stop time.
  3. Use this information to determine the correct startup times for all Fenics Gateway processes. Since BGC can change its Fenics UST trading hours at any time, specific startup times are not included in this document. The times provided in the ttchron.ini file are representative of the current exchange startup times. Unless otherwise informed by TT or BGC, do not change these times.

    Call the CSC or your TAMs for correct startup times to use in ttchron.ini.