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Fenics Gateway Documentation

Price Server Files


The Fenics Gateway uses the MulticastGroup.cfg file to determine all market data connection settings. MulticastGroup.cfg is an index file that maps connectivity information to the various multicast groups that BGC broadcasts over the Fenics UST binary market data protocol price feed, and is not configurable. Connectivity information to the retransmission service is also included.

The MulticastGroup.cfg file stores connection information for multicast group data in unique channel sections. By default, the Fenics Gateway does not automatically download all of the various feeds listed in the MulticastGroups.cfg file. To download the feed for a particular multicast group, you must configure a MulticastGroup= parameter in the [PriceServer] section in hostinfo.cfg.

The file contains the following parameters:

MulticastGroup.cfg parameters



[section title]

Sets the type of data (i.e., products), channel number, and all connectivity parameters for the products on the Fenics UST binary market data protocol feed. Use the section title when configuring product subscriptions in hostinfo.cfg.

ChannelNumber A variable number that identifies the [section title]. BGC specifies this value for the Fenics platform.
AddressFeed# Sets the IP address and port that Fenics uses to broadcast the multicast market data for the product.


Sets the IP addresses for recovering lost packets via a TCP/IP connection to the Fenics UST binary market data re-request services.








Price Server Log File

At startup, the Price Server creates a Price Server logfile named Exchange-Flavor_Mode_PriceServer_Date.log to the <root drive>:tt\logfiles directory where:

  • Exchange-Flavor equals the Gateway named chosen at install (e.g., Fenics-B).
  • Mode equals the trading environment: PROD (Production) or SIM (Simulation).

The Price Server adds a new entry for each action, including initialization behavior, logins, configuration values, and contract definitions. You can use the Price Server logfile to aid in diagnosing problems related to market data.