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Fenics Gateway Documentation

Configuring Multi-Session and Multi-Member


Fenics Gateways support multiple Order Sessions. To enable multiple Order Sessions, you must contact the Exchange for additional Order API credentials and properly configure the Hostinfo.cfg file.

Maximum Supported Order Sessions

TT currently supports up to 100 separate order sessions on each Fenics Gateway. Internal testing shows that this amount of order sessions supports optimal performance during continuous operation with heavy volume.

TT recommends that you work with your Technical Account Manager (TAM) to accurately load balance traders across multiple order sessions.

Multi-Session Configuration

When using two Order Sessions, the Fenics Gateway routes all orders through the [OrderServerSession_1] section. To configure an additional session, you must uncomment and configure the [OrderServerSession_2] section to enable the second Order Session. Subsequent order sessions can be added by naming each additional section with a unique name (e.g., [OrderServerSession_3], [OrderServerSession_4], etc.).

For information on configuring the [OrderServerSession] sections, refer to Configuring Order Sessions.