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Fenics Gateway Documentation

Exchange Host Failure and Recovery


In the unlikely event that the actual Exchange host fails, all electronic traders on that Exchange lose their connections.

Connection Failure

If the Exchange host fails, traders experience the following:

  • Orders in transit before the failure are lost.
  • The Fenics Gateway’s Order and Price Servers begin cycling (i.e., starting up and shutting down according to the schedule set in the ttchron.ini file).
  • All price, order, and fill data becomes stale.
  • All orders and fills are stored in Exchange_Flavor_OrderStore.dat.
  • Traders lose their connections and cannot trade.

Connection Recovery

After a failure, TTChron restarts any components scheduled to be running. After a successful restart of the Gateway, the following activities occur:

  • Fills: From the Exchange, the Fenics Gateway requests and downloads all successful fills. The Fenics Gateway does not download any fill information that has already been received from the Exchange.
  • Orders: Upon reconnect, traders’ can resume trading. Upon reconnect, traders’ can resume trading however, the traders’ Order Book will only populate with new submitted orders.

Manual Order Server Failover (Red vs. Black Network)

Currently, if you need to failover to the Fenics UST trading platform Black (backup) network from the Red (primary) network, you will have to manually set the "UseExchangeNetwork" parameter to "false" in Hostinfo.cfg and restart the Order Server.

Note: In the event the network you are trading on (Red or Black) becomes unavailable due to exchange host failover, the exchange automatically deletes all working orders on that network.

To manually failover to the Black network:

  1. On the TT Gateway machine, navigate to Administrative Tools | Services and stop the TT Fenics Order Server.
  2. Open Hostinfo.cfg in text editor and set UseExchangeRedNetwork=false. Ensure this parameter is uncommented (remove the # in front of the parameter). Note: Also ensure that ExchangeBackupIP and ExchangeBackupPort are configured in Hostinfo.cfg. Save all changes.
  3. In Services, click Start to restart the TT Fenics Order Server.

Note: Once the Red network becomes available, perform the same Steps but with UseExchangeRedNetwork=true.