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FIX Adapter Reference Documentation

About post-trade messages


Post-trade messages allow you to request and receive position information.

Supported Messages

The following table describes the post-trade FIX messages that TT FIX Adapter currently supports. The Direction column uses the following convention: FC = FIX Client, FA = FIX Adapter.


Position Report (UAP)

FA to FC

Used to return position information

Request for Position (UAN)

FC to FA

Used to request current positions from the TT FIX Adapter

FIX messages and configuration types

The following table shows the FIX messages that each type of TT FIX Adapter configuration can exchange with FIX clients

Use caseDrop CopyOrder Routing
Session typePriceOrderPriceOrder

Position Report (UAP)


Request for Position (UAN)

*For persistent connections only. If the connection drops, TT FIX Adapter does not deliver responses to subscription requests, nor does it automatically re-subscribe for updates when the connection is restored.