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FIX Adapter Reference Documentation

FIX messages

About the list

This section provides lists of the FIX messages supported by TT FIX Adapter sorted by ID and name.

Messages (Tag 35) listed by ID

Message IDMessage Name
1Test Request
2Resend Request
4Sequence Reset
8Execution Report
9Order Cancel Reject
cSecurity Definition Request
DNew Order Single
dSecurity Definition
eSecurity Status Request
FOrder Cancel Request
fSecurity Status
GOrder Cancel Replace Request
HOrder Status Request
jBusiness Message Reject
UANRequest For Position
UAPPosition Report
UARGateway Status Request
UATGateway Status
VMarket Data Request
WMarket Data Snapshot Full Refresh
XMarket Data Incremental Refresh
YMarket Data Request Reject

Messages (Tag 35) listed by name

Message NameMessage ID
Business Message Rejectj
Execution Report8
Gateway StatusUAT
Gateway Status RequestUAR
Market Data Incremental RefreshX
Market Data RequestV
Market Data Request RejectY
Market Data Snapshot Full RefreshW
New Order SingleD
Order Cancel Reject9
Order Cancel Replace RequestG
Order Cancel RequestF
Order Status RequestH
Position ReportUAP
Request For PositionUAN
Resend Request2
Security Definitiond
Security Definition Requestc
Security Statusf
Security Status Requeste
Sequence Reset4
Test Request1