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LME Gateway Notes

Tag 48 and Tag 10455 Values for LME Contracts

LME contracts will roll through several different Tag 48 (SecurityID) and Tag 10455 (SecurityAltID) values throughout their lifetimes. This is because the LME Gateway will represent these contracts with aliases (3M, TOM, and C) on certain days, for one day per alias, based on the number of days away from that contract's prompt date. See the LME Gateway Help for more information regarding the LME Gateway's representation of LME contracts throughout their lifetime.

Note: While the Tag 48 (SecurityID) and Tag 10455 (SecurityAltID) values will vary, the values for the following will be constant for a given LME contract throughout its lifetime: Tag 18203 (ExchangeGateway), Tag 200 (MaturityMonthYear), Tag 205 (MaturityDay), Tag 167 (SecurityType), Tag 207 (SecurityExchange), and Tag 55 (Symbol).

Tag 200 and Tag 205 Values for LME instruments

For LME instruments, Tag 200 (MaturityMonthYear) and Tag 205 (MaturityDay) are populated with the contract's prompt date. As such, the Tag 200 (MaturityMonthYear) and Tag 205 (MaturityDay) values of LME's aliased rolling prompt contracts (3M, TOM, C) change every day, even though they will reuse the same Tag 48 (SecurityID) and Tag 10455 (SecurityAltID) values.