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FIX Adapter System Administration Documentation

(DC) Additional FIX Settings: Market Data

Market Data tab

The Market Data tab allows you to configure market data options.

Setting descriptions

The following table describes the market data parameters.

Field Name


Coalescing Rate (msec)

Frequency (in milliseconds) at which TT FIX Adapter coalesces prices for price updates. You can enter any non-negative integer.

Default: 0

Note: This setting appears only if the Price Session Connection is enabled in the Global FIX Session Settings pane.

Price Conversion Table

List of products whose prices you want to convert. To specify a product or set of products, you supply the following values to create a matching rule.

Note: If you add a rule, you must specify values for all fields.

For more information about converting price data, see the section called (DC) Market Data: Formatting Prices.


Name of market on which the product trades, as set in Tag 207 (SecurityExchange).

Note: If you specified a Market Name in the Gateway Settings/Additional Gateway Settings dialog, you must use that same value in this field.


Product symbol as set in Tag 55 (Symbol). You can also use * to match all symbols.

Product Type

Product types to match. You can specify any of the following values or * to match all product types:

  • Bond
  • Energy
  • Forex
  • Future
  • Fxndf
  • Option
  • Spread
  • Stock
  • Strategy

How to set price conversion rules

To set the rules for converting prices:

  1. If not currently active, display the Market Data tab in the Additional FIX Session Settings dialog.
  2. In the Price Conversion Table section, enter values in the fields as needed.

    When you enter a value into any field in the row, a new, empty row automatically appears, similar to the following.

  3. Complete as many rows as necessary to define the price conversion ruleset.

    Note: You can delete a row by click the row’s button and pressing the Delete key.

  4. When finished, click OK.