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FIX Adapter System Administration Documentation

Components of a TT FIX Adapter Configuration


When you create a TT FIX Adapter configuration, you must define the following:

  • Global settings, which define the general behavior of the TT FIX Adapter
  • Bias settings, which defines rules for converting timestamps to UTC
  • FIX sessions, which define how a FIX client connects to the TT FIX Adapter and the characteristics of the connection

About global settings

Each TT FIX Adapter configuration includes a collection of global settings that dictate how the TT FIX Adapter generally operates. Some of the settings common to all types of configurations include:

  • Name and purpose of the configuration
  • Logging behavior
  • Administrative access
  • Contract definitions to pre-load

About bias settings

The bias settings specify whether TT FIX Adapter needs to convert order and fill timestamps to universal time codes (UTC). If so, it displays the conversion rules for each TT Gateway and allows you to specify the biases for start-of-day (SOD/DSOD) records and for manual fills.

About FIX sessions settings

While TT Gateway connections determine how a TT FIX Adapter communicates with the various TT Gateways, FIX sessions determine how a TT FIX Adapter communicates with FIX clients. Based on the type of TT FIX Adapter you want to use, you configure a subset of the following:

  • Session persistence
  • Price session information
  • Order session information