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FIX Adapter System Administration Documentation

After You Install

Creating a configuration for the adapter

As part of the installation process, the TT FIX Adapter setup program adds a desktop icon based on the name you provide during installation, namely, Nameadapter, where Name matches the value you supplied during installation. So, for example, if you create an adapter named DC1, the desktop contains a icon. You cannot start the TT FIX Adapter, however, until you create a matching configuration using the TT FIX Adapter Configuration Tool (FACT).

The TT FIX Adapter installation stores TT FIX Adapter configurations in <root_drive>:ttconfig.

For more information about configurations, refer to Creating TT FIX Adapter Configurations.

Creating TT FIX Adapter servers and FIX Adapter clients in TT User Setup

The TT User Setup Administrator must create user profiles for the TT FIX Adapter Servers and FIX Adapter Clients. This allows TT User Setup to manage the list of TT Gateway Login credentials (MGTs) that determine to which TT gateways the TT FIX Adapter servers can connect, as well as the list of users (FIX Clients) that are authorized to connect to a TT FIX Adapter server.

For information about creating TT FIX Adapter Servers and FIX Adapter Clients in TT User Setup, refer to the TT User Setup Help.


  • After creating or editing TT FIX Adapter Server or FIX Adapter Client profiles in TT User Setup, TT recommends that you run TT User Setup diagnostic checks. For more information, refer to Running the TT User Setup Diagnostic Checks.

  • TT FIX Adapter version 7.17.0 and above supports dynamically adding accounts to Gateway Logins, Gateway Logins to FIX Client users, and FIX Client users to FIX Adapter Server users without requiring a restart of the TT FIX Adapter.  However, you must restart the TT FIX Adapter after changing or removing any of those items in order for the changes to be applied.

Additional tools and tasks

You can also use the following tools to change operational characteristics of TT FIX Adapter:

  • Automate the TT FIX Adapter using TT Chron and ttchron.ini, such as starting or stopping TT FIX Adapter, resetting sequence numbers, and so on.
  • Set up TT Clean and ttclean.ini to archive and manage the .log and .dat files that the TT FIX Adapter generates.
  • Customize debug logging with the Aconfig tool. For more information, refer to the TT Gateways System Administration Manual.

TT FIX Adapter rollover behavior

TT FIX Adapter uses the rollover times specified by each TT Gateway, so it zeros out all positions and P&L for all contracts on a TT Gateway when it rolls. Customers should either enable the Auto-SOD feature on the TT Gateway to which the TT FIX Adapter connects.