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FIX Adapter System Administration Documentation

Install: Creating Additional Adapters

When to use this approach

TT recommends that you only run one TT FIX Adapter per machine. However, should you need to install multiple TT FIX Adapters onto the same machine, perform the following procedure.

For hardware and software requirements refer to the TT System Requirements document. The listed hard drive requirement is per instance, not per server

How to Install Additional TT FIX Adapters

To install additional TT FIX Adapters:

  1. Double-click the TT FIX Adapter setup package.

    Note: If Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or later is not installed on the system, a prompt box appears reminding you to install it before using FACT to configure the adapter.

    The Configuration Change dialog appears.

  2. Select Add FIX Adapter Configuration and Update Files, and click Next.The Enter FIX Adapter Configuration Name dialog box appears.

  3. In the Enter Adapter Name field, type the name of the TT FIX Adapter instance you want to create; then, click Next.For name restrictions, see TT FIX Adapter naming restrictions.

    Note: The installation script automatically places two shortcuts on your Windows desktop:

    • nameAdapter.exe, for the TT FIX Adapter executable
    • FACT.exe, for the TT FIX Adapter Configuration Tool
    The following prompt box appears.

  4. Click OK.The following prompt box appears.

  5. Click Finish.A new TT FIX Adapter icon () appears on the desktop.