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FIX Adapter System Administration Documentation

Install: Installing the TT FIX Adapter Software

When to use this approach

Use this procedure when installing TT FIX Adapter on a machine that contains no TT software.

How to install TT FIX Adapter on a machine with no TT software

To install TT FIX Adapter on a clean machine:

  1. Double-click the TT FIX Adapter setup package.

    Note: If Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or later is not installed on the system, a prompt box appears reminding you to install it before using FACT to configure the adapter.

    The License Agreement dialog appears.

  2. Read the License Agreement.
  3. To accept the License Agreement and continue installing the TT FIX Adapter, select I accept the terms in the license agreement, and click Next.

    The Setup Type dialog box appears.

    From this dialog box, you can:

    • Install the TT FIX Adapter software into the default TT software directory (C:tt).
    • Customize the directory into which you install the TT FIX Adapter software.
  4. To install the software in the default directory (C:tt), click Install Now, and skip to Step .
  5. To install the software in a different directory, click Customize.

    The Destination Folder dialog box appears.

  6. Click Browse.

    The Change Current Destination Folder dialog box appears.

  7. Do one of the following:
    • Navigate to and select the desired destination directory.
    • In the Folder name field, type the full pathname for the installation directory.
  8. In the Setup Type dialog box, click Next.
  9. Click OK.The Enter FIX Adapter Configuration Name dialog box appears.

  10. In the Enter Adapter Name field, type the name for the TT FIX Adapter; then click Next.For name restrictions, see TT FIX Adapter naming restrictions.

    Note: The installation script automatically places two shortcuts on your Windows desktop:

    • nameAdapter.exe, for the TT FIX Adapter executable
    • FACT.exe, for the TT FIX Adapter Configuration Tool
  11. Several progress dialogs appear as base TT software is installed. Then, the following prompt box appears.

  12. Click OK.The FACT () and TT FIX Adapter () icons appear on the desktop, and the Restart System dialog box appears.

  13. Click Reboot Now or Reboot Later, as appropriate.