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FIX Adapter System Administration Documentation

Upgrading to a New Version of TT FIX Adapter

Before upgrading

Beginning with FIX Adapter 7.6.0, TT FIX Adapter uses TT User Setup to determine TT Gateway connections and trader credentials, instead of requiring you to configure the information in TT FIX Adapter. Consequently, you must migrate your existing TT Gateway connections and individual FIX session settings from TT FIX Adapter to TT User Setup. For more information about the migration process, refer to .

If you currently use order routing TT FIX Adapters, TT strongly recommends that you delete any working orders before upgrading.

If you are upgrading from the 32-bit version of FIX Adapter to a 64-bit version of FIX Adapter

If your current FIX Adapter is 32-bit running on a 64-bit operating system and you would like to upgrade to the 64-bit FIX Adapter, you must uninstall your existing version and perform a clean install of the 64-bit version. Refer to the Uninstalling a TT FIX Adapter and Install: Installing the TT FIX Adapter Software sections.

If you renamed TT FIX Adapters

The installation program upgrades existing configurations you created during previous installations. However, the installation program does not update configurations that you rename after installing them. For example, if you create a TT FIX Adapter and then later rename it, updating the software does not update the renamed adapter.

How to upgrade a TT FIX Adapter

To upgrade a TT FIX Adapter:

  1. Double-click the TT FIX Adapter setup package.

    The Configuration Change dialog appears.

  2. Select Update Files, and click Next.

    The following prompt box appears.

    The setup wizards adds a FACT icon () to the desktop.