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FIX Adapter System Administration Documentation

Running the TT User Setup Diagnostic Checks


After creating or updating TT FIX Adapter Server profiles or FIX Adapter client profiles in TT User Setup, use the Diagnostics Check utility to confirm that the data in TT User Setup is consistent and valid. Invalid data can cause FIX Adapter Client logins to fail.

Running the TT User Setup diagnostic checks

To run the diagnostic check:

  1. Start TT User Setup and log on using an administrative username and password.
  2. From the TT User Setup Control Panel, open the User Admin menu and click Diagnostic Checks.

    The Diagnostic Checks window appears.

  3. Click Configure diagnostic check.

    The Configure Diagnostics window appears:

  4. From the Configure Diagnostics window, check the FIX Adapter-related option N, and then click OK.

    Note: Because 7.17 FIX Adapters do not use Gateway Logins, options L and M no longer apply.

  5. From the Diagnostics Checks window, click the Run/Refresh Diagnostic Checks button. Any issues will be listed by issue type and will include a summary of the issue.

    For a detailed explanation of an issue type, click explain this.

  6. Resolve any issues discovered through the diagnostic check.
  7. To run other diagnostic checks, re-open the Configure Diagnostics window and select your typical diagnostic checks (or click Sync selection with automatic diagnostics to select only the checks that are configured to run automatically). After the diagnostic checks are selected, click OK and then click Run/Refresh Diagnostic Checks. For more information about TT User Setup diagnostics, refer to the TT User Setup User Manual.