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FIX Adapter System Administration Documentation

Product Architecture


The TT FIX Adapter is used to bridge third-party client applications (i.e., trading tools) that communicate via the FIX protocol and any TT Gateway currently supported by TT FIX Adapter (refer to Supported TT Gateways). Clients must write or supply their own connections to the TT FIX Adapter. Once installed and configured properly, the TT FIX Adapter enables users to continue using their FIX trading tools while accessing exchanges via TT Gateways, as shown in .

Technical Components

The TT FIX Adapter performs the following tasks:

  • Translates FIX-based messages received from a FIX client (request price updates, submit an order, etc.) and passes them to the TT Gateways.
  • Translates messages received from TT Gateways (price updates, order acknowledgments, etc.) to FIX-based messages and passes them to FIX clients.
  • Receives Gateway Login and user settings from the TT User Setup Server. FIX Client connections are authenticated through the TT User Setup Server.

Hardware and Software Requirements

To set up an environment that uses the TT FIX Adapter, you need:

  • A TT User Setup Server running TT User Setup 7.3.3 or later.
  • One or more TT Gateways that connect to the exchanges you want. You must install each of these TT Gateways on separate server machines. For additional information on TT Gateways, refer to the TT Gateways SAM Version 7.X.
  • All connected TT Gateways must include TT Fill Server 7.5.1 or later.
  • A TT FIX Adapter server machine that conforms to the server class machine standards as documented in TT Trading Systems - Hardware and Software Requirements Version 7.X.
  • TT FIX Adapter software package.
  • Microsoft .NET 2.0 or later.

Types of Licenses

Your license reflects how you use the TT FIX Adapter, as follows:


FIX Client Limitations

A single TT FIX Adapter can support a maximum of 500 order and price session connections. For example, if all FIX clients connecting to a single TT FIX Adapter are only making an order session connection, the TT FIX Adapter can support up to 500 FIX clients at a time. Alternatively, if all FIX clients connecting to a single TT FIX Adapter are making order and price session connections, the TT FIX Adapter can support up to 250 FIX clients at a time.

TT User Setup Integration

Administrators use TT User Setup to manage the list of TT Gateway Login credentials (MGTs) that determine to which TT gateways the TT FIX Adapter servers can connect, as well as the list of users (FIX Clients) that are authorized to connect to a TT FIX Adapter server. Administrators can also run diagnostics within TT User Setup to validate FIX Adapter client to TT FIX Adapter configurations.