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Flexible FIX Administration Documentation

Customizing FIX Sessions

About FIX Sessions

A FIX session represents a connection between a FIX client and a server. A single FIX client can create one or more of each session type, based on its processing needs.

Session TypeUses
  • Subscribe for market data
  • Subscribe for market status updates
  • Subscribe for security definitions
  • Subscribe for security status updates
  • Submit orders
  • Receive order acknowledgments and fills
  • Subscribe for market status updates
  • Subscribe for security definitions

Assigning a Profile to a FIX Session

To assign a profile to a FIX client:

  1. On the Sessions tab, locate the FIX client to which you want to assign a profile. See Creating a Profile for more information about creating and configuring Flexible FIX profiles.

  2. From the Profile drop-down, select the desired profile.
  3. Click to complete the assignment.

Updating Modified Profiles

If you make changes to a profile associated with a FIX session, Flexible FIX highlights all of the FIX sessions that reference the modified profile. This visual cue indicates that the FIX session’s version of the profile is no longer in sync with the latest version of the Flexible FIX profile.

To update the profile, click the for the affected FIX session.

You can also update all of the modified profiles by clicking Update All Profiles.

Note: Profile changes will not be available to a specific FIX Adapter instance until you click Update Profile for that session

Adding a Password to a FIX Client Logon (A) Message

TT FIX Adapter requires FIX clients to provide a password in tag 96 (RawData) for all Logon (A) messages. If a FIX client does not currently send this tag, you can assign the value through Flexible FIX.

To add a tag 96 (RawData) value to a FIX client session Logon (A) message:

  1. For the desired FIX session, click .

  2. Enable Assign Password? and provide the Password/Tag 96 (RawData) Value.

  3. Click Save.