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Flexible FIX Administration Documentation

Managing Reported Errors for a FIX Client Session


When clicking the name of a FIX session in the Sessions dashboard, Flexible FIX displays:

  • Current status and message sequence numbers for the FIX client’s order and price sessions
  • List of all reported errors on the FIX client’s order and price sessions

Note: Price sessions are shown only for FIX Adapters that enable Price sessions in FACT.

Order and Price Session Statuses

The Status section shows the current status of the FIX Order and Price sessions, as well as the current message sequence numbers for each.

Reported Error Messages

The two Error sections show the errors that were reported when Flexible FIX tried to apply the profile’s transformation rules for messages originating from the FIX client and from TT FIX Adapter, such as errors relating to unmapped symbols, message rules, and tag rules.