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Flexible FIX Administration Documentation

Monitoring the Status of FIX Sessions

The Sessions dashboard shows you all of the FIX clients that are authorized to connect to a TT FIX Adapter in your network. The list of FIX sessions in the Sessions dashboard updates as your Flexible FIX-enabled FIX Adapters complete their initialization processes. Each session shows the status of its price and order servers, as follows:

  • UNAVAILABLE, indicates no status updates have been received from the server in the last two minutes
  • CONNECTED, indicates the server is connected to the FIX client
  • PENDING_CONNECTION, indicates the server is operational and waiting for a connection

The following example shows that none of the FIX clients can communicate with the FA_DC1 FIX Adapter for either the Order or Price sessions. The UNAVAILABLE status indicates that the FA_DC1 FIX Adapter process is not running. Additionally, you see the icon in both the Sessions tab and by the MHEAVIN FIX client. Flexible FIX puts the icon on the Sessions tab to let you know that errors have occurred for one or more of the FIX sessions.

Note: Price sessions are included only for FIX Adapters that enable Price sessions in FACT.