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Tag Rules: Passing or Dropping Tags


When a FIX client and a TT FIX Adapter use different FIX specifications, the same message could support different sets of tags. In this situation, you might need to add or remove tags so the messages conform to the corresponding counter-party’s requirements.

Note: If you selected Drop conflicting messages and tags when creating your profile, Drop rules will already exist for any tags that are not supported by the counter-party.

How to Pass or Drop Tags

To pass or drop tags:

  1. Locate the row in the Tag Rules section containing the Tag and Direction you want to modify, and click the Edit icon.
  2. From the Editing Tag Rule dialog, select Pass to send the tag to the counter-party (to the FIX client, in this case) or Drop to suppress the tag.
  3. Choose whether to Apply to all messages in the same direction.

    If you enable this setting, Flexible FIX applies the rule in this tag to all messages sent in the same direction as the specified message. In this case, you instruct Flexible FIX to drop the tag from Execution Report (8) messages sent from TT FIX Adapter, but to pass the tag on to FIX clients if it exists in other messages, like Position Report (UAP), sent from FIX Adapter, by leaving the Apply to all messages in the same direction check box unchecked.

Example: Passing a Tag to the FIX Client

Suppose your FIX client does not handle tag 77 (OpenClose) in Execution Reports sent from a TT FIX Adapter. When you initially created the profile, Flexible FIX automatically set the action to Drop for that tag. Now suppose the FIX client was updated to process that tag. This example shows you how to create a tag rule to pass that tag in Execution Report messages.

To change the tag 77 (OpenClose) action to Pass:

  1. Navigate to the Rules tab for the profile, if necessary.
  2. In the Tag Rules section, locate the row containing the tag for the Execution Report message, similar to the following:
  3. Click the edit icon to open the tag rule editor.
  4. Select the Pass action, and click Save:

    After updating the profile, Flexible FIX updates the Tag Rules section display. Notice that the tag is no longer visible, because the Action filter is still set to Drop.

  5. To verify the rule change, change the Action filter to Pass.