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Tag Rules: Remapping One Tag’s Value to Another Tag

How to Remap a Tag

To map one tag’s value to a different tag:

  1. Locate the row in the Tag Rules section containing the Tag and Direction whose value you want to remap from a tag in the input message, and click the Edit icon.

  2. From the Editing Tag Rule dialog, select the Remap action.

  3. Enter the tag number in the incoming message with the value you want to map to the specified tag.

    In this case, the FIX client sends the value in tag 1028 while the TT FIX Adapter expects the value in tag 11028.

  4. Select the desired options.

    In this case, the value in tag 1028 overwrites the value if the FIX client message already contains tag 11028, because you enable Apply when Tag 11028 (ManualOrderIndicator) is already present on input message.

    Because you did not enable the other options, Flexible FIX remaps this tag’s value only for New Order Single (D) messages. For all other FIX client messages, Flexible FIX sends the tag if present and omits the tag if the original message does not contain the tag.