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Flexible FIX Administration Documentation

Testing Your Rules

About the Test Feature

Flexible FIX provides a test feature that allows you to test your rules by specifying full or partial FIX messages that contain the tags in your rules. Flexible FIX shows what the resulting messages would look like after applying the rules you defined.

Testing Tag Rules

To test tag rules:

  1. Create one or more rules in the Tag Rules section that you want to test. In this example, you want to test the rule to drop Tag 16103 (FFT3) before sending the message from the FIX Adapter to the FIX client.

  2. From the Test section, enter the tag/value pairs necessary to test the rules, and select the appropriate Test Message Direction.

    Note: You must minimally include tag 35 (MsgType) and the tags you want to test. You can also enter more tags or even complete messages.

  3. If the message you want to test can be sent in both directions, specify the Test Message Direction. If you want to see only those tags whose values changed based on your rules, check View Difference Only.

  4. Click Test.

    The test displays the key tags in the message. This example shows that if FIX Adapter sent a value in tag 16103 (FFT3) as shown in the Input column, the tag would be suppressed from the message sent to the FIX client, as shown in the Output column.