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Flexible FIX Administration Documentation

Working with Tag Rule Actions

About Tag Rule Actions

Tag rule actions allow you to manipulate tags and tag values in the messages sent between FIX clients and TT FIX Adapter. For example, you can drop tags sent from TT FIX Adapter in an Execution Report (8) message that your FIX client does not support.

Types of Tag Rule Actions

Flexible FIX supports the following actions for message tags.




Assign a specific value to an existing or new tag


Conditionally assign, drop, pass, or remap a value based on the input value of this tag or another tag


Suppress the tag from being sent to the counter-party


Send the tag as-is in the specified direction


Remaps the value from one tag to another tag


Takes a user-defined and scripted action with the tag

Note: Custom actions are available for advanced users only. Please contact TT before assigning custom actions.