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Creating By Security ID Method Symbology Mappings

When to Use this Method

Use this method when the FIX Client and FIX Adapter Defaults cannot be applied for this instrument, which is an exception to the defaults. Instead of including the entire instrument block when communicating with TT FIX Adapter, client applications can use Tags 48 (SecurityID), 55 (Symbol), and 207 (SecurityExchange).

How to Create a Security ID Symbol Map

To create a symbol mapping based on a security ID:

  1. In the Symbology Method field, select By Security ID.

  2. In the FIX Client section, enter the values the FIX client will send and expect to receive for this product in tag 55 (Symbol), tag 167 (SecurityType), and tag 207 (SecurityExchange). If you need to specify values for additional tags, you can add the tags as needed.

  3. In the FIX Adapter section, enter the values sent by and expected from TT FIX Adapter for this product in tag 55 (Symbol), tag 48 (SecurityID), and tag 207 (SecurityExchange).

  4. If necessary, enter the appropriate price conversion factors and the price tags to convert under the Price Conversion Factor and Strike Price Conversion Factor fields.