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Querying Statistics

FMDS lets you query its database for statistics using the FMDSConsole command line tool. Among the statistics you can request are:

  • The number of requests for instruments
  • The time it takes to complete a chart
  • The number of instruments you are recording

These statistics can help you determine how to manage your subscriptions and whether you need an additional server to handle them.

FMDSConsole Options shows you all the query commands available using this tool. The Procedure gives you a step-by-step instructions:

  • FMDSConsole Options

FMDSConsole Options

FMDSConsole is a command line tool used to test and query the TTFMDSResponder. What follows is a list of commands used to query statistics. Refer to FMDSConsole for a full list of FMDSConsole commands.


--host arg

Host name or IP Address where TTM daemon is located

--port arg (=10200)

Port on which TTM daemon is listening

--service arg (=250)

TTM service on which FMDS is listening

Statistic Request ParametersResult


get the number of active contracts


get the number of inactive contracts


get the number of requests for instruments

Note: These commands do not yet work in the Free Text window in the FMDS Management Console.

  • Procedures


To retrieve statistics from FMDS:

  1. Go to the FMDS machine from which you want to get statistics.
  2. Click your Start menu and click Run.
  3. From the Run dialog box, type: cmd
  4. Click OK.
  5. At the command prompt, type:

If you are running 32-bit FMDS, navigate to: <root drive>:ttfmdsbin directory and press ENTER.

If you are running 64-bit FMDS, navigate to: <root drive>:ttfmdsbin64 directory and press ENTER.

  1. Type: FMDSConsole and press ENTER.

A list of options for FMDSConsole appears.

  1. Use the Command –service # --getstats, and the Statistic Request Parameters to create your query.

Example: FMDS requests statistics on the number of requests made:

Example: FMDS requests statistics on the number of inactive contracts:

Example: FMDS requests statistics on the number of active contracts:

  1. Type: exit

The command window closes.

You successfully retrieved statistics from FMDS.