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FMDS Documentation

Managing Your Database

The data FMDS collects is stored in the following directory: <rootdrive>:ttdatfilesfmdssafe

Two sections of the FMDS Management Console let you view and manage this data:

  • The Database Info tab: Lets you view information about your database such as the size of it, the number of archive files, and the version of your trade calendar. Refer to Viewing Your Database Information.
  • The Data Management module: Lets you perform critical tasks such as consolidating your archives, renaming contracts, and copying data. Refer to Using the Data Management Module.

    Warning! TT recommends that no more than 1000 archived files exist in the <rootdrive>:ttdatfilesfmdssafe folder. Archive files must be consolidated on a periodic basis in order to maintain fast response times to X_STUDY requests.

Before we detail the interface, lets explore the basics of the files FMDS creates to collect historical data:

You can also refer to Data File Questions for the answers to frequently asked questions.