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FMDS Configuration File Questions

Where is the fmds.cfg file located?

This file is found here: <root drive>:ttconfig, but you can edit it directly using the Config Editor on the FMDS Management Console window.

Refer to Subscribing to Contracts.

Can I still update this file manually?

Yes. You can subscribe to contracts and spreads by opening the fmds.cfg in a text editor. However, the format of the information you type in the fmds.cfg file must adhere to specific rules or FMDS will not acquire data for that contract or spread.

Can I use an fmds.cfg file from another FMDS?

Yes. The fmds.cfg files are not machine specific.

How do I change the FMDS Connection?

If you have TT User Setup:

From the TT User Setup Server Admin menu, click Login Properties and click the X_STUDY/FMDS Settings tab FMDS Configuration.

If you do not have TT User Setup, you can change your FMDS information using the FMDS Configuration window on your X_TRADER / X_STUDY machine.

From the X_TRADER Control Panel, click the Window menu, highlight X_STUDY and click FMDS Configuration.

What happens if I have duplicate entries in the

The Config Editor highlights duplicate entries. Refer to Subscribing to Contracts.

However, if you entered duplicate entries, FMDS records information for the first entry in the Config Editor window.

What happens if I do not specify the parameters correctly in the

The Config Editor highlights entries with invalid parameters. Refer to Subscribing to Contracts.

However, if the information you enter does not follow the parameters correctly, or information is omitted, FMDS skips that record and moves on to the next valid entry.