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FMDS Documentation

Setup Questions

Can FMDS be installed on a machine with a gateway or client such as X_TRADER?

No. These configurations are not supported, though either might work as-is or with local modifications.

What daemon do I use?

Normally, the IP address of the loopback interface on the current box. It would be very unusual to configure the FMDS services to connect to a non-local daemon.

What Service do I use?

Use the default unless there is another FMDS on your network with TTM on more than one, running in non-local mode. Then, make sure that each FMDS has a unique service number. They can range from –2147483648 to 2147483647.

How do I change the parameters after installation?

Using the Connection tab on the FMDS Management Console. Refer to Managing Your FMDS Server.

How do daemon settings in Guardian interact with FMDS?

The Guardian daemon setup is independent of the responder’s and should be configured as you would any other client. If the gateways to be used for FMDS are visible over multicast, then the local and remote settings have their default values, with the correct multicast entered. If prices are to come from a remote daemon or WAN router, then configure the remote daemon settings properly.

How do I find the IP Address of the FMDS server X_STUDY connects to?

The FMDS IP Address is found in the X_STUDY log files.

To locate the IP Address of your FMDS server:

  1. On your X_TRADER machine, navigate to: <root drive>:ttlogfiles
  2. Open an X_STUDY_YYYY-MM-DD_******.log file.
  3. Locate the IP under one of the following strings:

Date & Time stamp | X_STUDY | TID:1 | XSDataSourceSeriesAdapter.RetrieveHistoricalValues | Connecting to FMDS 250 at tcp:

Date & Time stamp | X_STUDY | TID:1 | frmMain.InitXSClientServices | Attempting to connect [Primary] FMDS 275 at

You successfully located the IP Address of your FMDS server.