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Managing Your Trade Calendar

Use the TradeCalendar.xml and TradeCalendar_primary.xml files to set schedules to collect data for the individual contract instruments and spreads. These trade calendar files are found here: <root drive>:ttconfig

The contract schedules within these files are parameters you have the option of adding to contracts or spreads entered into FMDS. Adding a contract schedule lets X_STUDY frame the data you collect, eliminating the times exchanges are down from charts it creates.

As of version 7.3, when FMDS is running, it is always recording data on the contracts and spreads to which you subscribed. Now that FMDS is always recording, all market data is available to X_STUDY, even if you enter the wrong schedule in the Config Editor window or there is an error in the trade calendar file.

Note: You can manage schedules for individual products in X_STUDY. Right-click the Time axis and choose a session option that is right for you. You do not have to streamline your contracts in FMDS to take advantage of this feature in X_STUDY:

  • Exchange Session: The default times established by the exchange. It covers all hours the exchange is open for trading.

These times are kept in the TradeCalendar.xml file.

  • Primary Session: The product's most active and liquid times.

These times are kept in the TradeCalendar_primary.xml file.

  • Custom Session: A schedule of your own devising.

Refer to the X_STUDY Managing Custom Sessions help topic for details.