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FMDS Documentation

Basic Troubleshooting Tips

FMDS is comprised of two services: TTFMDS Feed and TTFMDS Responder. The TTFMDS Feed subscribes to gateways and records prices to the historical data files. The TTFMDS Responder listens for and fulfills requests for historical data from X_STUDY.

Here are some basic things you can do to troubleshoot FMDS if it is not working properly:

  1. Ensure none of the following applications are installed on the FMDS server: X_STUDY, X_TRADER®, nor X_RISK®.
  2. Check the Config Editor on the FMDS Management Console and ensure the exchange flavors are correct for the installation.
  3. Check the Connection tab on the FMDS Management Console and ensure the TTFMDSFeed is green.
  4. In Guardian, check the gateway status (should be green) and also the daemon setup parameters.