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New Features in 7.5.4

Trading Technologies continues its effort to provide you with the quickest, most efficient and versatile trading software with each release of FMDS.

The New features in FMDS for 7.5.4 are:

TT User Setup Authentication

FMDS can now authenticate using one of the following methods:

  • TT User Setup Authentication

  • Direct Gateway Authentication

On startup, FMDS will first attempt to connect to a TT User Setup in the environment. If located, FMDS will then search TT User Setup for a user name (default user name is TT_FMDS) and attempt to authenticate using its password (default password is 12345678). If the connection cannot be made with TT User Setup or the default user name or password is not valid in TT User setup, FMDS will then attempt to authenticate directly with the gateways. Direct gateway authentication requires an NT account of FMDSUSER. When you create an FMDSUSER account on machines running GuardServer, you must supply a password for the account. The default password used for this account is 12345678.

If you choose to create a custom user name or password, you must create an fmdsaux.ini file in the ttconfig directory. This file requires only a password for the direct gateway authentication method and a user name and password for the TT User Setup authentication method.

Refer to FMDS Authentication for details.