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Guardian Documentation

Locked Accounts

The TT administrator must use the Locked Out Accounts option before the trader may attempt another log in at that workstation. However, if necessary, the trader may use the same ID to log in at another workstation. The administrator can reset a locked account, as well as send email notifications regarding locked accounts.

Note: To unlock an account, you must log into Guardian as a TT Administrator.

After 3 failed log in attempts due to an incorrect password, Guardian locks the trader's account on his workstation.

To reset a locked account:

  1. After completing a TT Admin log in, on the Admin menu, click Locked Out Accounts.

    The Locked out Accounts dialog box appears.

    The following information for the locked account displays: Exchange, MemberID, GroupID, TraderID, and workstation IPAddress. If necessary, click Refresh View to update the grid.

  2. Select the appropriate row(s) and click Unlock Account(s).

    The data is removed from the table and another log in on the affected workstation(s) may be immediately attempted.

To set up email notification for a locked account:

Note: In order to set up an email notification for locked accounts, it is necessary to have an email client installed on each workstation within your network.

  1. Select the appropriate row(s) and click Unlock Account(s).
  2. Click Add New Address.
  3. In the Send Email Alerts To box, enter the email address.

    You can add several addresses.

  4. Enter your SMTP Mail Server address.
  5. Click Publish.

    A Guardian information box appears, informing you that your email alert was successful.