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Guardian Documentation

Introduction to Guardian

Guardian monitors communications between the TT client and the TT Gateway(s) and is configured to start automatically when a TT workstation is powered on. When the Guardian service is running, you will see an icon, called the Guardian icon, in the lower right-hand corner of the System Tray.

The Guardian Icon

The Guardian icon is located in the Windows System Tray, and is usually in the bottom right-hand corner of your Desktop. This icon is used to open the Guardian window. The color of the Guardian icon provides an overall status of TT Gateway processes.

  • A green icon indicates that either all TT Gateway services are running or at least in an initializing state.
  • A yellow icon indicates that at least one (but not all) of the TT Gateway services (Price, Order, Fill, Key and GuardServer) for an exchange has stopped or is not sending out a status (e.g., an exchange may be closed).
  • A red icon indicates that all exchange services (Price, Order and Fill Servers) are down/stopped but the GuardServer is still running. The Guardian service is not able to receive a status from this server.

Note: A red icon does not necessarily indicate that there is a problem; it could indicate that all exchanges are closed.

The Guardian Window

To open Guardian, double-click the Guardian icon in the system tray. The Guardian default window provides the following information about running applications and TT Gateways:

  • Each TT Gateway connection and associated TT Gateway service.
  • All WAN Routers running on the TT trading network.
  • Applications running on the local TT workstation.


Note: Guardian does not automatically display Order Router status. To display a list of Order Routers and their current status refer to the View Status topic.


Guardian monitors all communications between each gateway and the trader. It provides a constant report on the status of each TT Gateway connection and all associated TT Gateway processes via status lights. The status light's potential color includes the following:

  • Green: The process is running and active.
  • Green/Yellow (box is ½ green and ½ yellow): A process is running (initializing) but not active. For example, this status light occurs if you have a failover at a TT Gateway (assuming you have Guardian set up for failover); your primary Price Server will be green while your failover Price Server will be green/yellow. The secondary Price Server will change to a green status light only in the event that the primary fails.
  • Red/Green (box is ½ red and ½ green): The price feed is down.
  • Yellow: The process is running, but not all servers are fully operational.
  • Red: The process is down.

WAN Routing

Guardian provides status for all WAN router(s) on the network. WAN routers on your network segment display by IP address. The local machine may be shown as the Local WAN Router; if your machine is not used for WAN Routing, the normal status is Down. Guardian lists all gateways (neighbors) are by IP address and groups all IP addresses by exchange name.

To view the IP addresses for a specific exchange, click the plus sign to the left of the exchange name. The gateway status indicates connection status. Proxy information (inner and outer) is included if a Network Address Translation (NAT) firewall separates the networks and requires proxy settings for network passage. If so, you must enter the current machine’s IP address. Guardian supports the management of multiple WAN Routing neighbors and the use of firewalls in NATing their IP addresses between networks.

Applications on the Local Machine

Guardian provides a display of Guardian's status (and other TT applications) and any associated processes on the local machine (e.g. Running. ProcessID 1268).

Other Features

Guardian also provides the following features: