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Guardian Documentation

Using the Control Panel

Menu Bar Overview

Guardian provides the following menus:

  • File Menu: Allows you to log in to additional exchanges or to access additional tools and services with various logins. You can also print certain data and exit Guardian from this menu.
  • Admin Menu: Grants setup options for software licenses, Product Table, Currency Table, and Risk Management (credit limit and order limits), as well as the option to distribute DH Parameters. To view the Admin menu, you need to log in using a TT Administrative login ID. You may also reset locked trader accounts.
  • Tools Menu: Allows you to view the local logfile, connected clients, Product Table, Currency Table, server status, and risk parameters. You can also dump server status and collect logfiles, as well as change the information displayed by removing exchanges, expanding branches, or expanding all branches.
  • Mode Menu: Switches between Production and Simulation mode. If supported by your trading environment, you can switch between a live trading environment or a simulated environment suitable for training. For new installations, Guardian is set to Production. During upgrade installations, the previous mode for Guardian is not changed.
  • Config Menu: Allows you to access the Daemon Setup and the Enable Universal Login options.
  • WAN Routing Menu: Allows you to setup, start, and stop a WAN router.
  • Help Menu: Offers access to the Guardian Help file, and provides version and copyright information about Guardian.