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Collect Local Logfiles

The Collect Local Logfiles option automatically collects and zips logs and configuration files to assist you in troubleshooting a problem at the local machine. You or the TT System Administrator can then email the zip file to the Trading Technologies Customer Support Center.

To collect log files:

On the Tools menu, click Collect Local Logfiles.

The following message appears.

The zip file, <IP address>_<DDMMYYYY>.zip, will be placed in your <root drive>:ttlogfiles directory.

If they are present on the local machine, some of the following types of files will be included in the zip file:

  • TT application and local machine-specific diagnostic settings. For example, netstat, ipconfig, tcpip registry, etc.
  • TT application installation log files for each installed product version.
  • TT application log files.
  • TT application crash dump files.
  • TT client application audit logs.
  • TT application-specific CSV export files.
  • TT server or client-specific data files. For example, order tables, risk limits, risk audit files, license files, currency table, etc.
  • Guardian Product Table fields.
  • TT Gateway audit files.
  • TT application configuration files, including Aconfig.xml and Aconfig_local.xml.
  • The Tick Table.
  • The Windows Dr. Watson error log.
  • Information about the local host.
  • Login profile-specific information on a local machine.