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View Gateway Server Logfile

The gateway/server log file provides information about such items as log in and process license authentication, X_TRADER® process status, data transmission (for example, Product Table), and other debug, auditing, and error messages. The logfile displays the time and date, application/gateway, message severity, error code (if applicable) and message.

The View Logfile of Server dialog box supports the following:

  • View any available gateway log file: The most recent log is displayed by default. You can select other logs from the Logfiles list.
  • Show More: This button requests the next section of the log file from the gateway. To avoid excessive traffic on the network, the gateway log is transferred to your workstation one section at a time. The data displays in reverse chronological order. Click Show More to see the next sequence of messages.
  • Refresh: If you review the current day’s log, this button updates the display to include entries made since you opened the log.

To be able to view the gateway/server log file, log in as a TT Administrator and select the IP address of the exchange gateway from the Guardian window.

To view the Gateway/Server Log File:

  1. On the File menu, click Admin Login.
  2. Type the TT Administrator’s user name (e.g., TTADM100) and password.
  3. Select an exchange name from the list.
  4. Click Login or press ENTER.
  5. Click the + sign to view the exchanges for that gateway.
  6. To select, click the gateway IP address.
  7. On the Tools menu, click View Logfile on <IP address>.

Make sure to select a gateway IP address, should the Local Logfile option be available. When not using the TT Administrator account, an error message notifies you of the need for an administrative login ID.